Thursday, September 25, 2014

Wednesday - Peel, Tynwald, Manx Heritage Society

Viv and Ian belong to the Manx Heritage Society and arranged for me to be included in a small select group who were shown around the archives of the Douglas Museum Library Archives.  It was fascinating for a librarian to see behind the scenes on an island on the other side of the world!  From newspapers printed 300 years ago, court records, professional and home videos taken in Mann, to plans, posters, photos, postcards, shipping records, birth- death- marriage- records - these archives are available to anyone doing any sort of research, from school projects to the BBC.  Very impressive!

We walked down to the Museum through the shopping district of Douglas.

These buildings along the Promenade were boarding houses back in the day when ferries brought holidaymakers over from England for a weekend by the seaside.  Many are still bed and breakfast places, but the heyday of a weekend in Douglas has passed.  They're rather grand, aren't they!

After lunch we took a drive over to St John's, the site of Tynwald Day, where the Isle celebrates their parliament! the oldest continuous parliament in the world.  Read more about it here.

The Royal Church of St John the Baptist, 
Looking from Tynwald Hill

Ian drove us to Peel,

where I was fascinated by Peel Castle constructed in the 11th century!  Pretty ancient!

View on the way back - looking towards Mt Snaefell

Towards Douglas

I'm still catching up on relaxing - so good to get lovely sleeps each night!


  1. Old in Nz is like brand new in Europe. Amazing what was built almost 1000 years ago and is still standing and in use!

  2. Its a beautiful place - sounds like you are having a wonderful time xxx

  3. Phew! These posts sound more restful! Was a bit worried about you!


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