Wednesday, September 10, 2014

We wake in Mannheim Germany, lunch in Munich, and dine and sleep in Innsbruck, Austria

What a difference a 9 hr sleep makes!
After another impressive breakfast, we hit the road again and head to Munchen (Munich).
I've got to say, this is the way to travel by yourself when you're a little beyond the wild adventure of going where the wind blows you!
You see the things you want to, have time to chill/shop/whatever, no queues to "must see" attractions, someone else lifts your bags for you, meals are prepared and served (apart from the lunches and other local delicacies you buy along the way,) there is as much or as little company as you want, nice hotels - and if you have a yen for it, I've seen a McD's in almost every place we've been!

We seem to be an unusually compatible and considerate group - there is no one who is perennially late, no one loudly moaning, none of those annoying personalities that can grate in groups such as this.

So today, after heading south down the west of Germany yesterday, we now head east.

The first thing I notice is that the weather is cooler.
Yay!  I'm a happy girl!  I NEED the weather to cool down so that it matches the clothes in my case!

And then it's trucks.  Oh my days trucks everywhere!  The highway is full of them - big, new, fast and from all over Central Europe.

Hops!  Fields and fields of hops.  Well that beer has to come from somewhere!

And solar panels like "crops" at the side of the roads.  Replacing nuclear power.

I'm adjusting to being on the wrong side of the road but still catch my breath sometimes in the narrow streets when a vehicle roars towards us on the left!

But the most entertaining thing this morning was the toilet system a couple of hours south of Mannheim.
So after you've made yourself comfortable, you stand, wave your hand in front of a sensor, and watch.  Firstly a normal flush.  Then a blue dispenser juts forward at the back of the seat, and with the noise of a small weed-eater, dispenses a small quantity of disinfectant as the seat slides forward and slowly rotates!  It caused us much hilarity and meant the pit stop was rather less speedy than anticipated!
And apparently the seats in the Herren (men's) didn't have the same entertainment as those for the Damen!
Okay, no photo of that...but I know you wanted to know that improvements and developments in the area of personal care are on the way. However I'm told that although in other parts of Europe they have the same system, they have different results....because the Germans are particular about maintenance it works for them, but in Italy you may have water shooting up as you stand or any other possibly-imagined disaster.

Munich and lunch time.
I headed for the permanent market of local produce, JUST a tad bigger than the Hastings Farmers' Market!!

More churches, more bikes, more smoking, but a clean city.

Then on the road to Austria. 

My girls will be pleased to know we were accompanied by the songs from The Sound of Music!
And we have arrived in Innsbruck.  Beautiful!  Camera needs to get recharged, so pictures tomorrow.
Tonight we have a Regional Meal - more about that when I know more about it!

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  1. I loved Germany and Austria. If we every moved back to that side of the world that's where if want to live. Hope you have tried ever flavour of wurst you can find!!


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