Saturday, September 13, 2014

Vienna, Austria! We enjoy the fine life... And it rains on our parade

We toured the summer palace of the Empress Maria Theresia who is venerated here for all the great and good social and cultural benefits she brought to Austria.  The Schloß Schönbrunn is perhaps familiar as the venue for performances by Andre Reiu and it's pretty awe-inspiring.  
After visiting Buckingham Palace last week, I'm looking at it like the next rung of the gilt-and-wealth ladder.  Maria Theresia's youngest daughter was Marie Antoinette who went to the guillotine in the French Revolution, so it was a display of the excesses of the generation prior to that.
I'm not shopping my way around Europe, not bringing back souvenirs, but I did buy a birthday present for a princess granddaughter at this Austrian Palace!

And then it rained.
We carried on with the tour, not all of it under cover, and I made use of my pashmina as a head covering.  Shawls and scarves are great, being so adaptable for the changes in climate as we travel in these different regions.
We visited the Palace of Franz Josef (well renowned in New Zealand) and the Spanish Riding School.  Here the horses were just beginning their exercise, but not their dancing.

I decided against the shopping in Vienna, my umbrella and raincoat being back at the Danube Waterfront Hilton, and took advantage of the coach going back there to get some dry clothes and chill out before the evening banquet and concert.

It's been ten days since I left New Zealand, and it was pretty hectic in the week or two before that, settling Mum into her new home, so this few hours of solitude and luxury was perfectly timed.

I'm liking Austria.  Vienna is quite stunning, an unusual capital city in that it isn't huge.  If there were beggars here I didn't see them.  Maybe the rain played a part in that?  I could come back here for a week or more!

Just back from a superb dinner and an evening of Viennese musical entertainment, involving an orchestra, two ballet items and a few arias.  Truly stunning and entertaining!
And a chance to bring something other than jeans and sneakers out of the suitcase!

Tomorrow we leave for Italy.  Italy!  I'm very excited!!


  1. Oooh! Your evening sounds delightful! xx

  2. I loved Austria too - seemed so much grander, cleaner and safer somehow that many European countries.
    Your posh evening out enjoying the arts of Vienna sounds wonderful!

  3. We loved Austria too, for much the same reasons as Anna. We were there September last year and it rained and it rained!!! Enjoy Italy, the traffic in Rome is a wee bit different to Hastings or Douglas.

  4. Jealousy reaching new heights here now!

  5. Yes Anna it did seem all those things. Softer some how.


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