Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Touring the Isle of Man

This morning we rose at a civilised hour and I was taken on a tour of part of the Island.
Viv outside hers.

The delightful houses in this street, quite typical of the area.

It was pleasantly raining, and I am delighted to report that the warm clothes that filled my suitcase which Ivan (tour bus driver) lugged in and out of hotels and on and off buses for me through Central Europe weren't just on a bit of a Grand Tour of their own, but now are being worn!

Viv and I went north-east to Laxey on the electric tram, and were met by Ian, who then drove us to the enormous waterwheel.  I've seen this on many a calendar but - like many of the wonders I've seen on this trip - no photo did it justice.  It's MUCH bigger than I'd realised!  In fact it is the largest working waterwheel in the world.

From there we went north - as far north as you can go "without getting your feet wet" as Viv said.  We were 16 miles or 26 km from Scotland at that point, the closest point to mainland Britain.  This is the Point of Ayre, Northern Ramsey.  Had the day been clearer we would have been able to see Scotland, and as we drove down the Western side of the Island, Ireland was visible out to the right.

By now it was time for refreshments and homemade tomato soup at the village of Bride was perfect.

This is country that looks very similar to what I imagine much of rural Ireland must look like, and in fact I'm told that they have a healthy film industry here, with some of the movies "set in Ireland" actually having their outdoor scenes set on the Isle  of Man.  "The Waking of Ned Devine" is one of them.

We came back through Kirk Michael, and to Onchan via the TT track, starting at Ballaugh Bridge, to the start/finish point.  It must be awesome seeing the motor bikes roaring round those corners at speeds of up to 180mph - about 290kph!!!

What a lovely place this is!  More photos in the next few days in the sunshine, but the few today might give a little idea of where we went today.


  1. Woohoo. The Isle of man in the flesh. So excited you are there and get to see the calendar and tea towel places for real!!

  2. It's lovely there, have a great week. Colder here too this morning for school drop off but by 3pm they were jumper less coming out of school x

  3. Sounds like a great start to the week!


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