Friday, September 26, 2014

South on the Isle of Man

Today we went by steam train south to Castletown, met up with Paul and Jessica, 
and from there drove to Castle Rushen, the Calf of Man, Cregneash and Port Erin. 

The steam trains on the Isle of Man, the Anglican Diocese of Sodor and Man, were the inspiration for Rev Awdry's "Thomas the Tank Engine" stories, and in 2000 the movie "Thomas and the Magic Railroad" was filmed on location here.  
So we travelled by one of these real life steam trains!  It was very cool!  The smell of the steam is something special.

Castletown I've dealt with separately, it's a wonder on its own!
This is a building from the 13th century, which in the 17th and 18th was used as a school house in Castletown.

Then we went to the southernmost point, and the island known as the Calf of Man.

So that's all points of the compass here now!  The Isle is much bigger than the often invisible dot on the map, there is so much to see!

Cregneash is a delightful spot, with a heritage farm and village.  Here the houses are thatched

(although not the only thatched ones on the island, we saw others on our trip north a few days ago, two of which were in the process of being re thatched); the hayrick is built in the old style,

and what better place to come across a Manx cat!

These Loaghtan sheep with four horns must be a treat to shear!!

We came through Port Erin,

and Ian was delighted to be able to find, in the local bookshop, a book he'd been looking for.

What an awesome tour I'm having of this exotic island!  Loving it!


  1. LOVE that last photo!!!

  2. I 2nd that what a lovely photo of you both x Good to see the raincoat getting some use!

  3. Thanks! It's a good one isn't it! Actually taken at Laxey, but better to put it in on today's than not I thought!

  4. James the Red Engine! And the rest of the island looks a bit like Father Ted's Craggy island!

    1. Cregneash has been the setting for lots of movies/tv programmes "set in Ireland" so could well have been. Yes! James the red engine! I thought of Pete (and the little boys)!


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