Sunday, September 7, 2014

Saturday - Olympic Park, London

London - East London to be precise - won the rights to hold the 2012 Olympic Games largely because of their Heritage Plans for the massive area they were to be held in.

We took a canal trip through this area and heard the history and plans - from the worst area for knifings and crime which you would avoid at all costs, to a wonderful multi-layered sports and family ground.   It is MASSIVE!

Children's parks, cycling tracks, wilderness and wetlands areas, tracks, West Ham's new home the massive arena, and the cousins have their swimming lessons in the Olympic complex pools!
 Swimming complex with the curved roof (above) and (below) said cousins and my London Tour Guides about to take a canal cruise.

All across from the biggest Westfield in all of Europe, where the shops sell not only loom bands and Coca Cola and Disney, but Loius Vuitton and high end brands.

The area is alive and proud of itself, for the first time (for the better things!) and continually growing with new roads and buildings.  The athletes' quarters are now apartments for sale or lease, as often happens, and whole areas of dipidated housing, industry and dangerous neighbourhoods fell under the bulldozer, but have been replaced with the modern, and the dog-bum of East London is now a draw card and area to be proud of.

Very hard to photograph, as can only capture small sections of it.  Go there and see for yourself!

My last day of London in this block, now in the Cumberland Hotel, near Marble Arch and Hyde Park, ready to embark on my European Interlude!


  1. You must need a holiday after all that sight -seeing! Can't wait to see what's next!

    1. I'd have loved you to see the Westfield! So so so many people there! And your kids would have loved the Disney shop there! Of course the Lower Hutt Westfield may have one too.

  2. Love the East End - I know Mike is itching to see all the progress since we left....we left when the Olympic games and plans were in their infancy - would love to see it now. History on every corner!


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