Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Rome - the Vatican and the Colosseum

Feet much better after a night's raised rest, which is good as there's quite a bit of walking to do.  We get an early start as we have a booking at the Vatican, to avoid the crowds, so no waiting in line for us.  Another advantage of an organised tour!

I've got almost no comment to make, because words and even pictures are just so insufficient.

The Vatican Museum and St Peter's are more/bigger/more impressive than I could have imagined.

Swiss guards checking documentation at the border.
And the Colosseum.   Seriously!  Ancient and marvellous, and so much of it still standing.

 We also walked past some of the city walls dividing Italy from Vatican.  The Roman Aqueduct.  Just mind-boggling to be actually in the presence of these antiquities.

Tonight we go out to a Roman  banquet!

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  1. We are sooooo young in Nz in comparison aye! Glad your feet improved


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