Tuesday, September 16, 2014


A long drive over the mountains from Venice to Rome, made uncomfortable by a bit of heat rash in the sock area from yesterday, and swollen ankles.  Common after a week on the bus.  I'm fortunate in that travelling by myself, I have a double seat to spread out on, and sit rather inelegantly so my feet are raised.  It helps.


Rome!  And we take a leisurely walking tour.

 Traffic ignores pedestrians on crossings - our local guide advises not to look at the cars.  Apparently if the driver realises you've seen them approaching, they'll expect you to get out of the way.  But if you make no sign you know they're there, they're more likely to be the one to take evasive action.  "Don't make eye contact!"
It's good advice in dealing with the many street sellers too.  If they catch your eye, you'll get the hard sell. 

Cars are everywhere.  Stopped, empty, moving, everywhere.  When the parking at the side of the road is full, they just pull up along the middle of the road, and hop out.  New parking lane!

Ancient, ancient city.  Remains that predate Christ.  Buildings that have stood for 1800 years.  
The Pantheon.  Still used as a Basilica.

The Trevi Fountain is in the process of restoration.

So many tourists!  The locals must get so tired of them!  (Us!)  

And we stopped for dinner.  Real Italian pizza in a real roman plaza.

Fantastic!  I actually ate that whole thing!  Did share the bottle of wine - thought I was ordering a glass......! 

Tonight we stay at a hotel in the Vatican State, a former Franciscan Convent.   It's not old - I was expecting it would be.  There is internet, but it's too slow and I'm too tired to bother.  And my conversion plug - which has worked all over Europe - seems slightly too large for the point.  A sign!  An omen!  Good night!


  1. We took Ma and Pa to Rome and found it amazing, we had rooms looking at the Colleseum in a little alley so very Italiano!


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