Monday, September 22, 2014


Firstly, Notre Dame.

A wonderful cathedral.  So much more spiritual than any of the other famous churches.  It contains a wall around the altar/sanctuary so that in olden days the pilgrims could walk around on their pilgrimage while Mass was going on.  Today it is used by tourists, but NOT during Mass.  We have progressed!

Other sights - Versailles, the Seine...

Then the Louvre.
Oh my days.  Another hot museum, but I stayed upright, but need to leave hot, people-filled museums off my list.

And we didn't even have to queue - this is CERTAINLY one of the benefits of being with an organised tour.

What awesome object d'art are in this place!  From the ancient civilisations of Greece, Egypt, Rome,and of  course more modern (but not recent modern).

The Louvre is an ancient (rebuilt) fortress, and we walked around the original moat!

Up the Eiffel Tower!  So clear!  Such views!

Boating on the Seine by night...

So tonight is our last night in Paris.   The last night of two weeks in Europe.  
I've met showers which offer no obvious manner of operation, toilets which require you to put your used toilet paper into a bin rather than down the loo, ordered food and drink without a really clear idea of what to expect, I've met wonderful people - it's been a great adventure!  

But I've seen things that I seriously never imagined I'd see.
The Louvre!  
St Peter's at the Vatican!
Oh the Colosseum!  
Schönbrunn Palace!

And the London places!
The Tower!
Buckingham Palace!
The Globe Theatre!
The Thames!

Just a few highlights that spring immediately to mind.

And I've made connections.  The history of Austria connects with the history of France through Mary Antoinette - just one example.  I think history has come alive so much now from seeing the buildings and hearing the history as we went through each area.  It's been wonderful!

The trip isn't over - just the Central European part!


  1. So cool. And like you wasn't til I went and saw all these places and heard their history that I made the links between famous places/people/family. Can't wait for your next chapter on the Isle of Man!!

    1. So much of Paris reminded me of photos of you and Mike in these same places Anna! I've got pics of you guys all over the Louvre!

  2. I have such similar photos! Wonderful Pareee!


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