Sunday, September 14, 2014

I arrive in Venice, Italy and explore the Grand Canal

I'm in Italy!  I'm actually in Italy...
Yesterday we said goodbye to Vienna, but not to Austria until after lunch, as we drove over the Dolomite Mountains.  It was a fairly long trip, so what better way to say farewell to Austria than by watching The Sound of Music!  Still brings me to tears still certain parts, and brought back memories of my girls and I knowing the words not only of the songs, but of the entire movie script which drove our menfolk out of the tv lounge about 20 odd years ago!  Good times!!

We stopped for lunch here - where I had THE BEST APPLE STRUDEL IN THE WORLD!! -

near the border with Italy and drove down to Venice.
And boarded small boats to go through the Grand Canal!
Oh my days I'm in Venice on the Grand Canal!  And although it looks just like the pictures, it's also so much more than any tv programme or picture could describe!

Not all the boats on the canal were small, the Port of Venice is on this canal and there were biggish cruise liners docked,

and after being told that it's the boat motors which are causing the buildings to rot at the water line, stirring up air bubbles which traditional water transport didn't, I wonder that they allow any motors.

It was pretty impressive, for all that.
After a short walking tour - we use headsets so our guide doesn't have to shout - around the area,

we boarded gondolas to be serenaded by a singer and accordionist through the very narrow alleyways.  This was awesome.  Here there were families going about their usual evening routines and children playing around their homes.

Back to the motoscafi  - (water taxi) bigger ones this time - to return to our coach.

Tonight we stay at another lovely hotel Laguna (?) and dine there, our first Italian meal on Italian soil -   pasta served to each of us at table from a giant dish, then turkey, and a delicious cake/tart dessert.  I love these countries that value eating so highly!!
And we are ready for our beds!
It's been a full day!
Any day with three boat trips is a superb one!  Good night!

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  1. I need to know everything!! I booked Venice 2-5 Jan the other day on a whim!!!


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