Tuesday, September 23, 2014

From London to Douglas

New Zealand has voted.
National Party back in.
No surprises there.  But I am pleased that some of the clowns standing in their own interests (Internet Mana maybe?!) didn't get any seats.  Life I guess goes on....

So!  London City Airport and a lovely walk in the Thames Barrier Park with Sue beforehand.  Check out how these barriers will protect London (or the important parts of it?) from flooding.

London is such an interesting city!  And they have educational exhibits explaining such things as this, the Thames barriers.  I like London a lot.

And free, working, efficient wifi at the airport!  It isn't always so.

-  -  -

Now I've taken a short flight on a Saab 2000, and am relaxing in Douglas, Isle of Man!

Oh my days!  
I've finally made it to the Isle of Man after 50 odd years of "must" "one day" "if only" ......

So wonderful to be with my friends in their lovely home on this ancient island at last!


  1. Replies
    1. For sale in the interests of London publicity for the right price...

  2. LOL - Love the Thames barrier - it's very cool and your model is HOT! Have a fabulous time in the Isle of Man


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