Monday, September 8, 2014

From London by Eurostar and coach to The Netherlands

Today we left London by St Pancras' Station - plenty of time waiting there to admire it.  It was opened in 1868, and the modern lifts and escalators stand inside the impressive Victorian curves and brickwork.

We took the Eurostar under the English Channel - how amazing is that!

We had popping ears, was it the 250ft depth perhaps?  The train is quiet and smooth, and we crossed the top of France before stopping in Belgium and boarding our coach.

Belgium as it passed my window
This is the view from my Amsterdam hotel window.

Right now I need some sleep!
It's been a full day and I have much to muse on!
Tomorrow if I wake early enough, I'll share it with you!
Good night!


  1. So jealous I've never been to Amsterdam!

  2. Awesome. I'm like Sue, never made it there, be interested to see what you think!

  3. I loved it hugely - and went there twice :-)


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