Sunday, September 7, 2014

Friday afternoon - from the sublime to the surprising and strange

After a fortifying lunch at Wagamama's, we strolled down to St Paul's Cathedral - what a magnificent building, in a city of magnificent buildings.

I won't bore you with pics of us eating, altho Sue takes them - I don't look my best with a mouth full of unpronounceable cuisine!

We crossed the Millennium Bridge, to the Tate, and Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.
 And I snapped this extraordinary piece of architecture!

And went by tube to Notting Hill and walked down the street of Embassies, Kensington Palace Gardens.  Click on this link to see more about this, as no cameras are allowed to be used in this street.  Of course the CCTV ones will be high-spec and numerous!  I couldn't help but muse on the disappointment ambassadors must feel when they get appointed to New Zealand instead of London!!

Then we approached the Diana Gate to Kensington Palace itself and I was really surprised to see that tributes are still being left here for Diana who died in 1997.  Maybe it was because the 17th anniversary of her death was only a week old?  It did seem sadly anachronistic.

Kensington Palace sits in beautiful grounds which flow through to Hyde Park, Green Park, and thence Buckingham Palace.  The Serpentine winds its way through some of the most exclusive real estate!

We visited the Princess Diana Memorial Children's Playground, and then it was time to once again drag our weary feet home.

From tube to bus and once more past shops of every description, including my favourite "The Part Worn Tyre Shop" on Barking Road.

Walking through suburbia, we saw this -
A fox!  An actual fox considering whether to go inside a house!  In broad daylight.  I found that quite disconcerting.

And home!  Shoes off, feet up and we are welcomed by Jess, a labradoodle, who welcomes us with her delight in our smelly feet.  I'm very happy to have her lick every sweaty inch of them - she does a specially good clean between the toes!

Ah London!

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