Thursday, September 4, 2014

Chilling in Greenwich!

So a day at Greenwich was deemed to be a good easy start to seeing London.  So I've been to where time begins - well okay, not REALLY, but the spot where GMT is determined.
A really lovely big park!
The timeball station near the Observatory reminded me of the Christchurch (NZ) one that suffered in the earthquake - setting the time in the days before you could google World Clock!  The park was dog-friendly, and there were so many unusual breeds and their owners out for exercise.  Squirrels zipped away before a dog got too close, and Sue and I walked in the lovely tree filled park.  

Near the Maritime Museum and College we saw an artwork replica of Nelson's ship "Victory" in a bottle, and we wandered over to the Cutty Sark.

This amazingly restored 1869 clipper ship sits in a clever see-through cradle-building - isn't this awesome?

This is the Thames at Greenwich, we walked under it!

Through the tunnel, under the River Thames, and around the area known as the Isle of Dogs, to lunch on the other side, where we looked back toward the Cutty Sark and Greenwich. 

Some more photos of Greenwich. 
Also browsed the Greenwich Markets, but as under cover, hard to photograph.


  1. Ohhhh brings back some wonderful memories for me. Last time I was in Greenwich the Cutty Sark had been on fire! And I use to live on the Isle of Dogs and walked under the Thames often. Love seeing you in the places I enjoyed so much!

  2. Awesome Anna! Hopefully more memories to come!


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