Monday, September 22, 2014

Back in England

 Good crossing of the English Channel, apparently the ship used its stabilisers as the sea was quite rough (so we were told by public announcement).   It was nothing compared to many of the Cook Strait crossings I've been on, and very smooth compared to Foveaux Strait.

Hello White Cliffs of Dover!

There's something akin to "being back in home country" in landing in England!  That's unexpected!

Our tour party split in Paris, after joining up with another Trafalgar Tour Group, with those heading to Charles de Gaulle Airport going one way, and those heading back to London going another.  We London-bound travellers changed buses, said goodbye to Graham and now come under the wing of the other Tour Director Lucien.  These people are awesome and dedicated to making our travelling problem- and stress-free and they are one of the signal benefits of travelling like this.  Lucien has already been in contact with Sue to make meet-up arrangements, checked my baggage allowance for my flight to Douglas tomorrow - and that's just for me!  He's doing similar services up and down the coach.

In London!  Had a lovely meal with Sue and Neil and family and am now blissfully in bed.  Been an exhausting couple of weeks!  Three weeks tomorrow since I left New Zealand and the time has just flown.  It's been filled to the brim with so many rare and wonderful sights that I had never expected to see, I'm quite dazed by actually being here!

Isle of Man tomorrow!  Excited!


  1. So excited to see the Isle of Man (vicariously through you). So kicking myself I never made it there! Travel safe and have a fabulous time! xxxx

  2. Very weird reading your blog being posted from one of our loft bedrooms while I'm watching Dr Who on TV downstairs in the lounge!!

  3. Love reading your updates and knowing you made it safely back to Sue and family xxx


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