Saturday, September 13, 2014

Awesome Österreich! The hills are alive.....

IBreakfast in Innsbruck and although I thought it a tad early for wurst, it's never too early for cake!  Austria being famous for torte and other delicacies, it was in the interests of enjoying the complete travel experience to have cake with my breakfast.  After the cereal and fruit of course, I didn't go completely overboard.

Austria is dotted with villages, each with its own church whose tall spire/roof is usually green.  Very picturesque!  They still use the traditional barns where cattle are kept indoors over the winter, and the house is often built abutting the barns, to make use of the warmth of the beasts in heating the house.  No doubt the smell travels alongside the warmth!

We were apparently lucky to have a lovely fine day in Salzburg where it has been raining every day for the last four weeks!  Our tour guide Veronica walked us around the city and pointed out the various churches and buildings of importance in Mozart's life.

I struggle to cope with the beggars.  They are everywhere.  Every couple of shops there's another one sitting there supplicating.   They are all ages, male or female, many with a sad looking dog or crutches, and they sit silently.  There were more in Salzburg than I saw in Germany, but they were there too, and in Amsterdam.  I want to give them all money, I want them not to need to beg.  We have been told to ignore them, and they are endless.  But it saddens me greatly.

This river, the Salz, has become famous for the padlocks on the bridge with which lovers declare their undying love for each other and toss the keys into the water!  I think it featured in an episode of The Amazing Race in which contestants had to find the padlock that fitted the key they were given.

Salzburg is obviously still benefitting from "The Sound of Music"!

We were shown many of the places where it was filmed, and apparently in the movie when Maria leaves the Convent and comes through this archway (in the background, right) and goes towards this fountain, the REAL Maria is just behind her.
I'll have to watch it again!  She is apparently a shorter, rounder person and was objecting to the romanticising  of her story, but ended up having this little cameo.

Other pictures in Salzburg.  Little lanes and alleyways through from one street to the next.

Another wonderful market - I liked the look of this cheese-cutter!

And summer is drawing to an end, so it's berry season all through here   I'm treating them as sweets and trying to avoid the chocolate - it's the home of Lindt!

Some photos from last night's dinner in Innsbruck which was a typical meal of the region.

 After dinner I took a stroll around the town - we were told it was an extremely safe area and encouraged to do this.  It was lovely!  Warm and full of people, but it didn't seem like any city at night that I know.  Just - well - safe!
This building I photographed because of the age of it - so much of this region is really really old!

Danube Hilton, Vienna!  Oh my days!  My room could house the entire von Trapp family!  Very luxurious.

I've done washing in the elegant basin, draped it around the finely appointed room.  Some people just never rise above their station...
And we're here for two nights.

Later - Just back from the most hilarious random and bizarre evening at The Marchfelderhof. 
It's quite beyond explanation, quite beyond capturing by camera.  But one of the best nights I've had for a long time! 
This was our welcome....

A part of the ceiling decorations...  Only a part....

Check out this dining experience here.
Not the sort of place I would ever have been able to get to without bring on a tour such as this.


  1. Wonderful to see you are having such an amazing time!

  2. Yay another missive from the adventure! Love the photos! Looks like an amazing trip!


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