Wednesday, April 9, 2014

It was a day of ups and downs.....

So for the last four days, (including a weekend which apparently doesn't count) I haven't been able to phone out from my home phone and have had very erratic ability to receive calls.  Yesterday, finally, their technical people got onto it and required me to do an isolation test on each and all jack points, removing filters, splitters and anything plugged in, then trying two different phones - one a corded one - in each of them without filter etc.  No joy.   A text on Monday from my security company to report my monitored alarm was unable to send a test message back to base.  I told them about our phone issues and not to panic.
Today - ah today.
So today the lines and wiring man came and everything worked.  He declared it to be my filter - which makes it my financial responsibility for his call out.  "But," I protested, "yesterday, without the filter the phone didn't work!  AND the unfiltered security jack obviously didn't work!"  
He's put it as an unfinished job and is coming back tomorrow.  Meanwhile, just in case, I've bought a new filter.  But seriously, it's an intermittent fault.  Bet it's fine when he comes tomorrow....

Then there's my boots.  When I took them off last night, I realised the soles on both of them were badly split.  I can't work out why I didn't have wet feet, we've had several days of rain.  Oh I love those boots!  Okay, yes, sure they are seven years old, almost exactly.
So after the phone tech left I took them to the shoe repairer, who said........ "Yep, I can resole these!"  Wahoo!

Just before dinner I turned on the dining room and lounge lights and - seriously!!!  Bulbs gone in BOTH?  The lounge one is a complex beast but fortunately I kept the box from last time I replaced it, on which I'd written the shop, price and which light it was for.  Yay me!  But goodness!

Oh and at work today (a library) a patron was reported to me drawing in a book.  He (a 12 yr old male) admitted it when asked, turned out he was drawing "boy parts" around the margins of a submarine book.  Just as well he admitted it - I'd thought it was a smiley face with round eyes and a long nose.......

Wonder what's in the wind for tomorrow....?!

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