Friday, July 26, 2013

Not donating to charity, but lending for development

There are so many wonderful charities doing essential work to alleviate poverty and social inequalities.  One that comes from a different angle is Kiva.  Through Kiva, you make loans from as little as $25 - joining with other loan partners - and together you can make a huge difference. You can join in with a Lending Team of people who are from your industry, your country, your philosophy, or not!  You choose who you lend to. 

It may be a loan to someone running a small business in a third world company who needs a hand to buy more stock, it may be a loan to a family who want to have running water in their home, there are literally thousands of different loans to choose to be part of.
And these are LOANS.  They will be paid back, and you can choose to use the repayments to then help someone else.  A hand up.  Not a hand out.

I think it's an important part of our richly complex aid options, and at the moment, you can make a $25 loan which will cost you nothing.  I know.  Sounds odd.  But it's how I got involved in Kiva, and it's truly for real.  You choose where the loan goes, - when it's repaid, you don't get the repayments - but it's a great way to test out how it works.

Want to know more?  Or take up the free loan?
Click on this link and it will take you to Kiva to find out more.

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