Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Goodbye Bonds, the much less bonus investment

In 1970, New Zealand began the issue of Bonus Bonds, which were an investment with monthly prize draws.  They were immediately popular, sort of like buying a lottery ticket which was valid for every prize draw from then on, AND you could get back the money you paid for your ticket!   I think that was the attraction - you might win big, if not this month, then maybe next, and at any time you could ask for your money to be refunded.

Experts have puzzled over why people continue to buy Bonus Bonds when the chance of winning anything is so low - about one chance in 9800 - but I think it's that "safe bet" or "can't lose" feeling.

In 1972 I bought $15 worth of bonds (about $85 worth in today's terms according to the online inflation calculator......hmmm thought it would have been more, after all we bought a four bedroom house that year for $17,000 which is now worth $340,000).
I've added to those Bonds until I now have $1125 worth, which over the years have earned me a grand total from the Bonus Bonds prize pool of - da da!! - $40.   Yep, I've had two prizes each of $20.

And that's all.

Bonus Bonds advertise as "the much more fun investment".
I've pulled out (which was considerably easier than buying them in the first place, now that I've registered to do it all online).
Even if I put the money in Mighty River Power and it falls over, at least I'll feel I've given my money an airing and a chance!

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