Saturday, January 12, 2013

Waitangi, Chatham Island

Friday 11 January 2013
I'd been told that the flight schedule between Wellington and Chatham Island was more a case of "not before" rather than "leaves at" so I guess to fly out only an hour and a half late wasn't too bad.  None of us on board seemed to have experienced an "abort take off" though, as the plane was roaring down the runway, and it was very hard to hear the message of the pilot as to the reason, but apparently it was something to do with an engine power check....
Anyway, here I am, 7.50 p.m. local time, and have had a bit of a tiki tour to get to Waitangi from the airstrip. 
Some initial photos:

Well no, there will be no photos!!  Internet here is so slow that uploading of photos is impossible.  So when the pictures appear, you'll know I'm back home!

It's a bit of a culture shock - no facebook, no instant googling, no connection to everything and everyone.  (Facebook recognised that I was trying to log in from a computer I'd not logged in from before.  It gave me those hideous character recognition things and once past that hurdle gave me the choice of verifying myself by cellphone or by correctly identifying five of my fb friends tagged in uploaded photos. Well there is no cellphone coverage here, and the internet is so slow that photos can't be displayed, so that's me and fb not speaking till I hit mainland NZ in a week!)
And I'm thinking this isn't such a bad thing.
I wanted a break, and a total break is what I'm getting!

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  1. LOL amazing how quickly technology gets integrated into our everyday 'life'. Enjoy your break from it....must be very freeing, once you get over the fear of missing out!


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