Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fishing, Chatham Island

Today I went on a fishing expedition off Chatham Island.
Dealing with a shark that was caught
A small boat, "The Chatham Express" with a knowledgeable young skipper Matt (I guess calling him "young" indicates my own ageing), and Dylan in charge of baiting our hooks and helping with the caught fish - I thought this a lovely bit of luxury!

I seriously lost count of how many I caught - 8 maybe? - all Blue Cod.  Others on board caught many more than me, including hapuka, and there were three fairly big sharks amid the haul.  Matt and Dylan filletted the catch - no idea how many fish in total, but lots!  Probably 70-80 from 7 lines (although seasickness meant one of the lines was not used a great deal).  Fish for dinner tonight at the hotel!
Discovered that our catch will be presented to us in frozen meal lots to take home!  Yum!!

Dylan sorting out the bait as we move to another spot
I thank my ancestors for the love of being on boats that I've been blessed with!  That boat on the O'Driscoll coat of arms isn't there just to fill in a space!!!  The faster and choppier the better for me,  - I can take or leave the fishing, but love the boat! - and I cannot sit inside but have to stand on the edge to catch the full impact of wind and spray.  Rather the way a dog with its head out a car window does, and with about the same degree of pleasure!!!


  1. Sounds like an awesome fishing expedition!!

  2. yes, sound fabulous! bet dinner was delicious

  3. Oh wow! Bringing the fish home! Sounds fantastic - got some of those sealegs too....if it's rough put me out in it, more likely to be sick cooped up in stale air. Can't wait to see your photos.

    1. So pleased our love of boats has been passed down to you! All we need now is - well - a boat......!


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