Saturday, November 3, 2012

Welcome Summer!

Summer's here!
After an autumn/winter that has gone on since about April 2011, all the signs are that finally Hawkes Bay is welcoming summer.

A whole week of sun that has required hats, sunblock, and keeping out of in early afternoons.

Too early to predict harvests, based on my own garden, but last summer the beans were less than plentiful and the corn certainly not a great success.  Both had good plants but poor yields.  This year I'm  planning on luxuriant surpluses!

But the telltale sign that we have Finally Arrived at Summer was the need last night to get out of bed and swap the winter duvet for the summer one, and then sleep with only a sheet on anyway.  Hawkes Bay summers.  We can't wait for them, and then the nights are too humid to sleep easily anyway!  Last night I was reminded of that, and it's been so long, even THAT seemed welcome!

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