Saturday, November 17, 2012

One thing leads to another......

Took the new car for a run down to Te Aute today, (about 20 mins each way).  Would've gone further, (although I wasn't planning to go at all) except the Christmas cake was in the oven with an hour to go when the AA man left.

Yesterday when I put the recycling out at the kerb, I had just finished a text conversation with Daughter #1, and was about to head to work.  At lunch time I fossicked through my handbag, but my cellphone wasn't there.
Little frissons of alarm.
Where had I last seen it?
In my hand when putting out the recycling.
Holy Heck.
Surely I'll find it on the kitchen bench when I get home.  Won't  I?
Well, no.  I didn't.
One of my nearest and dearest works for a recycling firm and I have heard numerous stories of fully functioning cellphones found in the kerbside collection.
Oh joy.  Mine was going to add to the number.  It was all of three weeks old, and I hadn't even got round to putting on a SIM or screen PIN code.
I rang it from the landline, fully expecting to hear it in the bedroom, bathroom, anywhere really.   And then I thought that if it's ringing and the recycling guys hear it and locate it they will find they can ring anywhere in the world, it will be charged to my account with a potential for mega debt to me and should I ring my provider and cancel it or alert them or was it too early and might it not still turn up? Tried ringing it again, this time out in the garage by the recycling boxes, yes!  There it is!  From the car!  Joy of joys!  Rang off before the voicemail kicked in, I mean let's not spend any money on this now I know where it is!
Into the car....  where?  Dark.... No visible phone...interior lights!  Excellent and many interior lights, phone found between seat and door.  Praise The Lord!
And today intending to whip to the shops to get a few sewing supplies for a Christmas project, well what a surprise to find all the interior lights in the car on!  And a flat battery.
AA man cometh, car started, what a good opportunity to give the car a run.

I do think life must have been simpler in a less technological age, but I have no desire to go back and test that.

Oh and the cake looks great, and the car does 6.3litres to 100km on a bit of a road trip.  Can't wait to take her further!

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