Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Music and Memories

Last night on the car radio there were the Byrds with "Wasn't born to follow".  Brought back memories of late 60s, "Easy Rider" that I saw with the boyfriend of the time.   Been listening to Andrew Bird ("Armchair Apocrypha") and the Avett Bros ("Emotionalism") lately, and there's something very reminiscent of the very early 1970s about them - my early 70s anyway -  and together with the Byrds I was whisked back more than 40 years.

A group of us young things from the accountants' office we worked at, took off one Friday after work to someone's holiday home in Taupo - at the time it was about 3 hours' driving time, over mountainous roads.  We went in Lou's Mini, and stopped on the way, at BayView for fish and chips before getting into the real driving.  Not a good thing to do, scoff f&c before squeezing into the back of a two door Mini to travel the Taupo Road!  Especially for one such as me, prone to travel sickness....  But we rocked along to Bob Dylan, the Byrds, Rod Stewart, Badfinger, Rolling Stones and other unremembered cassettes that were the favourite of someone there!

We had a ball in Taupo - hot pools (it was winter - probably about this time of year), music of course, drink and socialising,  and just hanging out and enjoying the break.   The Avett Bros reminds me very much of an unidentified LP we listened too around that time, and over that weekend.  I have no idea who that band was, but such is the power of music that after listening to the Avett Bros a few times over the last week and then hearing the Byrds, I was instantly transported back.

I don't think anything is as efficient or powerful in time travel as music!  Maybe NASA could do some work around it...

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