Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Just bought an iPad, love it!!!

And pondered the changes in 30 years of computing!
My first one was a Sinclair ZX81, which I acquired when my BIL upgraded.  This was such fun, but compared to my iPad......  well this WAS 30 years ago!  You had to write code to get it to do anything, and it used your TV screen as its monitor.  It had a stunning memory of 16K, but was a great way to learn to understand computer code!

Windows 2.0.png
Screenshot of Windows 2.0
Not sure what came next.  It was big, - from memory it was an IBM - it took 5½" floppy disks, it played games which seemed pretty up there - Digger comes to mind, Pacman, Space Invaders - and again I think there was a fair bit of code knowledge required to get it to operate.  But with everything running on DOS of course, well there was wasn't there.

Oh and Word!  I remember Windows 2.0, and  Word 5 white text on a blue screen!   Very basic!
Word 5

But it could do some very cool things. 
Oh the memories!  Windows 286!  386! DOS prompts!  The difference between forward slash and back slash!

The first time I discovered Mail Merge I think I fell in love!  Not sure which version - sometime in the 1990s. How clever was that!  And Excel.  Wow.  There was a programme!  I spent a fair bit of time finding out how to get these programmes to do their utmost - I read the manuals (yes, really!  And they were GIANT books too!) and spent untold hours on the computers, just doing stuff.

And now here we are.
A computer that fits into my handbag, that I can surf the net on while snuggled up in bed!!

When the young chap looked at me with a "old lady.  Won't have a clue" look and reminded the iPad salesman that their shop provided an hour intensive one on one training on the iPad for only $99.99, I smiled politely (as old ladies do) and thanked him.  Should have said "sonny, I was writing code for these things before you were born!"

And if I've confused my 81 with a different version or my 2.0 with the 2.1, well, put it down to the monumental degree of change there's been in this field in my last 30 years!

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