Friday, April 20, 2012

Knitting - Part II

So here's the little tea cosy as mentioned in the last post, and here's today's project which I am SO pleased with!  A needle case.  I've wanted one for ages, but it was just a matter of getting desperate enough to spend a couple of hours making one.  It was motivated by needing a certain size double ended needles, not having them, going shopping for them, not finding them, and then unearthing a set (which had to be put through the gauge to find out what size they were) which made me very pleased I hadn't invested in another set.  So it was obviously time to organise my gear!
The top of the fabric folds over the tops of the needles to keep them in place before rolling, but opens out flat for ease of use.  And all my needles SORTED!  Such a joy!  I'm a bit of a pedant at heart, but have done a good job of working on letting go of the unnecessary stuff, sometimes to my own frustration!


  1. ohh it looks good!! Do you knit socks on DPNs?

  2. Yes - LOL, the one pair I've knitted! Am doing another pair, lady at Knit World said the tips for the circular system only start at 3mm, and I needed smaller. Not sure I believe her..?

  3. Looks nice!

    Yes, she's right mum, those circs don't go any narrower than 3mm's because of the join. People tend to buy them in a fixed length for socks :)

  4. Love your tea cozy and totally adore your needle knacker! So fantastic - have knitting needle holder jealousy now!!!

  5. Pretty and useful ! I like that fabric with flowers, where did you buy it ?

    1. Hi Agothtale, from Spotlight Hastings, a year or so ago.


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