Thursday, April 5, 2012

The knitting bug bites again..

The weather didn't really get to summer this year, and now we're definitely in autumn, with daylight saving back in (or off - never quite sure - but the mornings are slightly lighter and the evenings fall earlier).  And so for me, a bit of a seasonal knitter, it's that time again.  I'm working on my first pair of knitted socks for about 30 years, and then I think I'll make a tea cosy.

I have a morning ritual of breakfast on a tray, with a lovely cloth, a beautiful bone china serviette ring for my serviette, and a lovely little blue china pot of green tea.  A tea cosy would have to be aesthetically pleasing to me in the morning, and fit in with my tray decor!!
So off to Ravelry for ideas and Oh my goodness!  Such artistry!  Such panache!  One can dress one's teapot as a cow,  with elegant flowers or as this absolutely stunning nun!  There are pirate tea cosies with skull and crossbones, chickens, rabbits and any number of striped and patterned ones.  There's a 1966 one very similar to my first knitting project, a teacosy of violet and primrose, which combination I didn't like at all, but Mum had got the wool at a sale..... Christmas pudding, Union Jack - and that's just in the first dozen or so!

I'm conscious that mine will need frequent washing, so some of these elegant and intricate ones just would end up stained and sad at my place.  No decisions yet, but it won't be an art work!


  1. So many options! I think the cow would look good!

  2. It's pretty cute isn't it! Too big for my little pot tho!

  3. Yusss, the knitting bug strikes you again :) You might find it doesn't go away over the summer this year!

  4. Depends how obsessive I get with it Ju, if I overdo it I'll get sick of myself!


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