Thursday, December 15, 2011

RIP Carmen

Although I haven't spared Carmen a thought for years, her passing requires a moment of respectful silence.  And some memories.  Not that I ever met her.  But back in the late 60s, my then boss told me how, while in Wellington, he'd gone into a nightclub, and got the surprise of his life to be greeted by one of the lads he'd gone to school with in Tauramunui, looking - well - not as Keith had expected!!  Trevor Rupe had become Carmen, larger than life, and a successful business person. 

Over the next decade, Carmen spearheaded human rights campaigns and wherever her name was mentioned, there was always the comment about how kind she was, how she looked out for vulnerable people to protect them, how she was savvy, witty, intelligent and a good friend.

Many of the issues she fought for have now been passed into our human rights law.  
New Zealand - and particularly Wellington - of the 1960s was apparently (I was too young to be involved!) a much better and more colourful place because of her and her friends.

Rest in peace Carmen.