Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Heading for adventure...

I've booked a flight to Brisbane - and return. That's pretty big for me. In fact, so unusual is it that I've booked it in stages, not realising I could make one booking from my provincial airport internationally, as I know the big planes don't fly out of Napier. However, next time I'll just book Napier-Brisbane. So it's a learning experience already and the booking hasn't even hit my credit card statement online yet.

I'm in the process of renewing my passport, I figure that shouldn't take too many months as I've already had one, but it's been extinct for about eight years. I'm not sure what colour I put down last time for my eyes - and I think it's meant to be the same. I'm really not sure what colour they actually are! As a child I remember Dad telling me they were "hazel" so I've always used that, and in fact probably did on my original passport application, but to be honest, I don't think they are. But I don't know what I'd put if it wasn't that - grey/green? - so I'll probably go with hazel.

It's exciting! I'm going to have an adventure! (if I don't get lost at Auckland airport getting from Domestic to International and get left behind!! Not that I've booked the domestic flights yet, I'll see what comes up on grabaseat!)

And next on my fairly short list of adventures to be planned is Whanganui. I want to go up the river to Taumarunui - a four day trip which involves pole-vaulting (well nearly!!! - poling anyway!) the boat UP rapids! I'd also like to do the three day trip back down again, but it probably won't be in the same week. Unless I win lotto...

And I'd like to go back to Stewart Island and stay for a week. The Foveaux Strait crossing is a fantastic boat trip, and I was very happy to do it twice in a day when I went last time, but next time I want to spend more time there.

So, not a bucket list, but just some adventures in the pipeline.
First up - Brisbane in an NZ winter!