Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Worst headline of the week

This week's award goes to Lane Nichols (do reporters write their own headlines?) of the Dominion Post for "Capital Goes Green and Cuddly" over a report on the mayoralty of Wellington being won by Celia Wade-Brown. Celia is a member of the Greens (yay!) but there's not a thing in the article that could refer even obliquely to cuddly. Stupid headline.

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  1. Headlines are written by subeditors who have to match up the copy to the space available on the page. They are easy to curse because they sometimes do horrible work, but in fairness when they do their job well you don't even notice.

    But a front-page headline will always be signed off by, if not written by, the chief editor. So this one sits on Bernadette Courtney's shoulders.


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