Friday, October 22, 2010

Dating in the dark

Tonight another episode in "Dating in the Dark" plays. It's a curious and strangely sad programme, said to be a "social experiment" and which doesn't bear as much similarity to bizarre shows like "The Batchelor" as I thought it might. Three men and three women, aged between 20 and 40, are brought together in a house for a weekend, but the women only see each other, as do the men. They all meet in pitch blackness where they chat, and back in the daylight they decide which of the three they haven't seen they would like to have a "date" with - in the dark.

The dates take place, and then a forensic personality-typer comes into the mix and gets each of the six to complete a detailed questionnaire, after which he lets them know which of the others they are most likely to have a successful relationship with. In the two episodes I've watched, all then chose to go on another date in the dark with this most-likely person, and all of them decided there was indeed "chemistry" between them.

They then decide which of the three they would like to see. In the light. Nothing is said as the two go into the blackness, and the light comes on to them one at a time. Back to darkness, and then back to the lounge where they agonise - do they actually want to go on a real date with this person?

And of the two programmes - 6 couples in total - 50%, after having been wowed by the personality of the person chose to walk away instead of meeting the person face to face, so disappointed were they by their looks.
I am staggered - as much as one can be by a reality TV programme masquerading as a "social experiment" - by the superficiality of these people. None of them is ugly, (or even strange looking) but obviously they appear so to these participants who can't even bring themselves to meet with them in the daylight and see how things progress.

Will I watch it again tonight?
MMmmmmm no probably not.
But it is sort of fascinating, in a watching a shark bite a swimmer's leg off way.


  1. Just watch Jaws then, that is far more entertaining! it does sound odd, I bet Morgan and his social psych could explain it. lol.

  2. I think it shows that whatever we'd like to think to the contrary, a person's outer appearance is a huge part of the whole package. To believe we are attracted to someone for their personality only, or their inner beauty, is to deny the reality that we all have some form of idea - no matter how nebulous - of what is attractive and what is really not, and after only 48 hours in the Dark House, most people are not attracted enough to a personality to want to know the person if their outer package is quite different from what is expected. Sometimes it might be just the clothes they're wearing! Quite superficial, but I think it's all part of the whole complicated picture.
    Yes, Morg no doubt would have words of wisdom about it all!


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