Monday, August 23, 2010

Australian elections - my personal smile......

While Julia and Tony elbow each other away from the phones, each more determined than the other to offer the best deal to the Independent and Green MPs, two things give me cause for hope and reason to punch air with a YES!

Firstly, it's the Greens who are being courted. Fantastic. There was an overall 3.6% swing towards the Greens, more power to their policies!

But the most delicious irony (for me) is the likely election of Ken Wyatt in the Western Australian seat of Hasluck.

Some years ago, we spent a couple of weeks in Western Australia, and were shocked by the open racism. Not whispered comments, not said behind the hand, not with any sense that others mustn't hear me say this, but blatantly anti-Asian, and proudly dismissive of Aboriginal people as "animals". I was gutted. Totally.

Ken Wyatt is Aboriginal. He's likely to be the member for a Western Australian seat. God I hope he wins!

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