Thursday, May 6, 2010

Getting satisfaction..

In the last two hours, I have

1. collected a load of bricks ($20 on TradeMe), seen here next to the load of stones I got a month or so ago. Both required for the same project, which will make my berry patch (blueberries and at the moment one singular cranberry/guava bush which I hope soon to be part of a group of the same. So yummy!) more efficient when the bird netting goes up in summer.
2. Sprayed the lemon tree, the mandarin and the lime with Conqueror Oil to protect them over the winter.
(Mandarin in front, lime to the far left - these are just baby trees, but both have already produced fruit - and gnarled aged lemon tree to the right.)
3. Dug up the last of the bricks which had formed a garden edging but which I realised I hadn't seen for over five years.... yep they were there, about half a spade head deep in the ground! They too will be part of my berry patch edging. Hopefully not to sink..
4. Chopped down a 7 year old lime tree which has never flowered or fruited. I was about to give it one more year, mindful of the Biblical parable where Jesus told the man with the nonproductive fig tree to prune it and give it one more year, but when I asked my colleague who has great experience in orcharding about it, she said "it's not the root stock that's growing is it? Are you sure it's the graft?" Which when translated proved to be the case. The flowering fruiting lime had been grafted on to some citrus rootstock, but a close inspection of the lower part of the truck showed the scar where the graft had been, and the rootstock which had been split for the graft had grown together at the top of it, and had formed a tree that was never going to fruit. We have transplanted that tree, hoping it just needed a "better position", it has been pruned, fed.... Well now it is in the wheelie bin!

So all in all, a very satisfying couple of hours!
This food production isn't all about seedlings, there is some munty work to be done with the pruning saw, which I have to admit I find immensely satisfying!, and some good water-ish play to be done with the sprayer on the trees. All good fun.
But on the subject of seedlings, look at my very healthy Brussels Sprouts! Mmmmm looking forward to a feast in a few months' time!

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