Monday, March 8, 2010

Court Day

On a jury for the first time, and it not being as dreadful as I'd feared. No idea if he's guilty! Maybe I'll come to some conclusion tomorrow?! Wonder how long it'll go on for.... can't be long....

And my car parked on a 120 min spot all afternoon because there is NO parking within miles of the courthouse, and no ticket attached when I came out. I live in hope that it won't follow me by post...

The later start (at court) each day gives me time to go and have a look around the fabric shops. Or, of course, look for a parking spot and walk the several miles to where I'm meant to be. Tough choice (not!)


  1. oooh fabric shops. Arthur Toye? The one here has been having a big sale on fabric.

  2. Ooooh, a change to your working week at school, a chance for sleep ins! How long is it meant to go on?


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