Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Big Ups to Obama

  • I can hardly believe USA has done it! Voted in health care insurance for everyone regardless of existing conditions. The devil will be in the fine print, and the fact that it will provide health care for "95%" of Americans..... what about the other 5%? But wow, fantastic! Maybe the world isn't as dented in the head as I'd feared!
  • Michael Bolton on the stereo first thing in the morning. In fact music at any time!
  • Hearing the advocate for beneficiaries say this morning that it's a full time job being a mum on the DPB. Sure must be - no money to pay for all the extras, so to do it well there must be an awful lot of making do and doing it yourself. Would like to think they're growing their own veg and making their own clothes (or remaking - you can pick up stuff at Op Shops that needs a bit of a make-over). Now I'd like to hear of someone coming up with the 64,000 jobs required to make Paula Bennett's plan work.


  1. I know...amazed at the US healthcare reform...will be interesting to see how long it takes for them to put it in to practice.
    Michael Bolton.....really?

  2. Yes, I read in the Dom this morning the timeframe, employers will be penalised if they don't provide affordable health insurance etc, those on the middle and lower incomes will be subsidised or have it provided free - it sounds good, we'll wait and see. Amazing tho.

    MB, oh yeah!


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