Saturday, March 13, 2010

After the storm is over...

Wow what a scary ten minutes last night! A freak storm went through, sounding like a train up the drive. I looked out of the window and the amount of unidentifiable stuff that was flying through the air as high as the tops of the bent trees was mindboggling. And captivating - I couldn't take my eyes off it!

I had no idea of the devastation facing my neighbours as I sat up in bed this morning with a bowl of home made muesli and home made yoghurt, with some home grown apple and home grown blueberries and guava/cranberries! I've been wondering whether it's worth the effort to grow my own vege, and maybe for some things it isn't. But apples and berries - oh yes it is!

A few branches on the lawn made me take a good look and I found part of my fence hanging drunkenly, and when I looked through and along, I realised why. All my next door neighbour's back fence is completely on the ground! Several trees are down, one massive ancient walnut that has shaded four or five properties is under the chainsaw so the homeowners can actually see what lies under it (apart from their clothes line)! I've fared better than any of my immediate neighbours - the ones at the back are likewise missing their fence, also two and half trees and part of their roof. One of their trees that hung over my place has been pruned beautifully in my favour with the prunings on their own lawn! I looked out my front windows at the time of the storm and my plants sitting directly in front of the house were still. So the wind was coming from a south-easterly direction. Directly from Wellington.

A good day today though for the cleanup. A sunny Saturday. Am SO pleased I have missed the worst of it!

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