Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Action Bins Day

Every second Wednesday is bin day, the day I feel in control of this monstrous piece of land and its encroaching flora as all the results of the weeding, mowing, cutting and living of the last fortnight disappear into the bowels of a big red white and black truck, unambiguously labelled "THE BIN MAN". I'm at the beginning of the run, and have been asked to have my bin out by 7.30 a.m. which is no problem.
Except this morning, I overslept. Must have been all the work I did at Choir last night. Woke about 7.30, watched the news, had breakfast, was about to hit the shower when I remembered the bin. Botheration! thought I, tossing on a robe and racing outside to push it out to the footpath.
No bin.
There it was, already on the footpath.
Done it in my sleep?
Left it out last night?
No indeed.
The lovely bin man had seen it up the drive, opened the decidedly noisy gate, wheeled it out, and emptied it for me. Maybe it was the squeak of the gate that had woken me!
You can't beat Action Bins, Locally Owned and Operated!
Love 'em!


  1. That's so nice mum! You wouldn't get that with many businesses I'm sure. Did you give them a call to say thanks? (just thinking that it might mean he'd do it next time if you happen to oversleep from late night choir practise again ;) )

  2. Yes I emailed them, and they said the guys really do try to help and they love getting "lovely positive feedback" and will pass it on to the "guys". I always move the bin into the drive on a Tuesday night, so it's just an 'open the gate and get it out to the footpath' thing on a Weds morning, but because my neighbour actually had his - full! - bin stolen one night, I don't like to put it out the night before. Nice eh!

  3. Wow what service! How fantastic.


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