Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A cappella

  • Captivated by the music of the terms "sostenuto" and "molto legato" and "quasi pizzicato" at choir last night. Such gorgeously sounding words!
  • Loving a pot plant that can go without water for months, droops suddenly (or maybe I suddenly noticed!) and is revived by standing in a roasting dish of water overnight, to look as if it's been well tended all its life!
  • Riding several km on the bike track after work before coming home. Probably the only perq of the job, but it's a good one!

Big Ups to Obama

  • I can hardly believe USA has done it! Voted in health care insurance for everyone regardless of existing conditions. The devil will be in the fine print, and the fact that it will provide health care for "95%" of Americans..... what about the other 5%? But wow, fantastic! Maybe the world isn't as dented in the head as I'd feared!
  • Michael Bolton on the stereo first thing in the morning. In fact music at any time!
  • Hearing the advocate for beneficiaries say this morning that it's a full time job being a mum on the DPB. Sure must be - no money to pay for all the extras, so to do it well there must be an awful lot of making do and doing it yourself. Would like to think they're growing their own veg and making their own clothes (or remaking - you can pick up stuff at Op Shops that needs a bit of a make-over). Now I'd like to hear of someone coming up with the 64,000 jobs required to make Paula Bennett's plan work.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

What was that? Wahoo Waihopai!

The Waihopai Three were acquited of all charges - almost unbelievable, but there you go.
Judged by a jury of their peers obviously!
We who stopped nuclear subs coming into our waters haven't been overcome by the seriously money-focused instant-everything generation. (A gross generalisation. You know if this doesn't mean you! [Especially my very own children!]) We are still the country who can protest efficiently and peacefully. And successfully.
Bravo all involved!

Isn't the telephone the most wonderful invention! Have just had a lovely chat with a darling daughter, it was as if I was present in her home. Such a gift!

Snuggly duvets on suddenly cold nights. Mmmmm! And electric blankets!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Action Bins Day

Every second Wednesday is bin day, the day I feel in control of this monstrous piece of land and its encroaching flora as all the results of the weeding, mowing, cutting and living of the last fortnight disappear into the bowels of a big red white and black truck, unambiguously labelled "THE BIN MAN". I'm at the beginning of the run, and have been asked to have my bin out by 7.30 a.m. which is no problem.
Except this morning, I overslept. Must have been all the work I did at Choir last night. Woke about 7.30, watched the news, had breakfast, was about to hit the shower when I remembered the bin. Botheration! thought I, tossing on a robe and racing outside to push it out to the footpath.
No bin.
There it was, already on the footpath.
Done it in my sleep?
Left it out last night?
No indeed.
The lovely bin man had seen it up the drive, opened the decidedly noisy gate, wheeled it out, and emptied it for me. Maybe it was the squeak of the gate that had woken me!
You can't beat Action Bins, Locally Owned and Operated!
Love 'em!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

After the storm is over...

Wow what a scary ten minutes last night! A freak storm went through, sounding like a train up the drive. I looked out of the window and the amount of unidentifiable stuff that was flying through the air as high as the tops of the bent trees was mindboggling. And captivating - I couldn't take my eyes off it!

I had no idea of the devastation facing my neighbours as I sat up in bed this morning with a bowl of home made muesli and home made yoghurt, with some home grown apple and home grown blueberries and guava/cranberries! I've been wondering whether it's worth the effort to grow my own vege, and maybe for some things it isn't. But apples and berries - oh yes it is!

A few branches on the lawn made me take a good look and I found part of my fence hanging drunkenly, and when I looked through and along, I realised why. All my next door neighbour's back fence is completely on the ground! Several trees are down, one massive ancient walnut that has shaded four or five properties is under the chainsaw so the homeowners can actually see what lies under it (apart from their clothes line)! I've fared better than any of my immediate neighbours - the ones at the back are likewise missing their fence, also two and half trees and part of their roof. One of their trees that hung over my place has been pruned beautifully in my favour with the prunings on their own lawn! I looked out my front windows at the time of the storm and my plants sitting directly in front of the house were still. So the wind was coming from a south-easterly direction. Directly from Wellington.

A good day today though for the cleanup. A sunny Saturday. Am SO pleased I have missed the worst of it!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

All over, Rover

Sub of the Day for the last couple of nights has been great, tea cooking after a long day of concentration wasn't on the cards. Tonight.... who knows! It's all over, and finished satisfactorily, so it's back to work tomorrow.

The ridiculous idea of erecting a copycat sign on Wellington's hills was pointed out to me by The Morgue and at first I thought it was some sort of misunderstanding or joke. Truly it isn't ....
How soon are the next Wellington Council elections?

It was so nice to start the last few days a bit later than usual! And the concentration required was on something so totally different from my usual matters requiring concentration that in fact it was quite refreshing. Some of the subject matter certainly wasn't, but overall, I'll accept my civic duty to be part of the jury pool next time.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

#2 Court Day

Wonderful roiling waves along the Marine Parade! Perfect spot to blow away cobwebs and get some walking in during the lunch break at court.

Car parked miles away from the court, so more walking. Tomorrow should be the last day, but I've enjoyed the break from everyday life.

A $10 voucher from Spottylight. Trying to woo me back?! I'll use it anyway!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Court Day

On a jury for the first time, and it not being as dreadful as I'd feared. No idea if he's guilty! Maybe I'll come to some conclusion tomorrow?! Wonder how long it'll go on for.... can't be long....

And my car parked on a 120 min spot all afternoon because there is NO parking within miles of the courthouse, and no ticket attached when I came out. I live in hope that it won't follow me by post...

The later start (at court) each day gives me time to go and have a look around the fabric shops. Or, of course, look for a parking spot and walk the several miles to where I'm meant to be. Tough choice (not!)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Marching on...

Saturdays when it rains are just perfect for recovering from an exhausting fortnight. Nothing screaming out to be done, not while it's raining!, and a good book and lots of cups of green tea. Nice.

That good book "The Book Thief" by Markus Zuzak. Something very wonderful about the style of the writing.

Checking out sewing patterns on line. Beats trying to get a seat at the pattern counter of a shop I've decided I REALLY don't like - Spottylight staff do their best but there are fewer of them than is sensible, and fewer counters to dump the bolts of fabric one has to heft about the place, and a quick turn with said bolts on one's shoulder is a natty way of whipping buttons or trims onto the floor or knocking another thread-searcher unconscious. I may be forced to shop for fabric in another town, Spotty is so dire here.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

March Day Thursday

Thursday already! Thank heavens! Tiredness from travelling makes me long for a weekend with little to do.
Wonderful few days away - many kilometres away! - at a family wedding. Lots of happy get-together times, lots of laughs, fabulous weather. The West Coast is well known for its high rainfall, but it's never looked so good. The towns are looking very prosperous, don't appear to be suffering from the recession, and I'm told this is because the main industries of gold and coal mining are still working well and big employers. Certainly the hospitality was big and sincere.