Thursday, February 11, 2010

Today's spots....

  • Watching Sam step up to the plate..... Sam lives in a busy, complex environment and a lot of self-responsibility is required from him in order to get to school on time and have the necessary books or bring back library books. He's 10 and isn't always organised enough to stand equal with other kids whose parents help them get organised. This year Sam was made student librarian and although I did wonder whether this was just creating another problem for Sam and for me, today they had their training session and I watched him and listened to him and realised with very little guidance, this boy could well have leadership qualities! I'm delighted.
  • A batch of chocolate chip cookies and another of gingernuts cooling on the bench ready to be packed up and enjoyed at the Motown Mission Concert. Yay!
  • Finding an apprentice mechanic who would be delighted to have Jim's timing light (and other treasures unusable by me!) Jim would be rapt, he was very good at helping the apprentices with spare tools that he had.


  1. Oohh, where do you find the apprentice mechanic?

  2. He's Isaac, Jess' husband, Teresa & David's SIL! David's bringing him round tomorrow morning. I know Jim is pleased, he wants him to have the socket set as well, (I'd totally forgotten that, haven't seen it for a long time, but found it under "stuff"), so he could end up with all manner of thing I don't know the name of or use for!


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