Saturday, February 13, 2010

Musings on my involvement in the 3BT movement and what this means for my health and wellbeing!

Pondering on joining the "Three Beautiful Things" phenomema, I realised that I often find it easier to muse on problems that need solving rather than the beautiful moments in my day. And I wonder - am I a negative person? Am I really someone about whom others think "oh no here's that depressing person again!" when they see me coming?
Heaven forfend!

So on I go, meditating on the good things in my life, finding the things that were delightful and stopping and pondering them!
(You won't believe how much trouble I had writing that sentence, words such as "but" and "rather than" and "even tho" were desperate to make an appearance. Indicative maybe of negative tendencies.... Hmm....)

So much good in my life, so much to be thankful for!

Today Isaac came round, and to see him pick up big truck sized sockets, and say "wow, this is awesome!" was such a gift. He's a shy Maori man, mid 20s, and he knew what the hitherto unidentified-by-me tools were and what they were used for. And if they were usable. God bless him, he now has a few more than he did before.

Saturday morning, and because I had guests last night, there's no housework to be done today, did it all before they came! (more or less....) I think I'll sit and read before it's time to go a-wassailing!

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