Saturday, February 6, 2010

More 3BT

God bless my good neighbour who saw me with the massive and very impressive two-handed Bosch drill trying to make holes in the letterbox for the new numbers and sent her husband over to do it - two hours and I'd used a nail and hammer, different nail and different hammer, powered screw driver (okay, I thought it was a drill ...), The Drill and one bit that sort of wore out and got shorter, the bit (that apparently was for wood) that I was using when rescued..... who would have thought a sheet steel cheapo letterbox would have been so hard to make holes in!

A letterbox with - after vandals removed the previous adhesive numbers - lovely brass screwed on number!

The first two tomatoes on my cherry tomato plant! Very late, but it hasn't been much of a summer so far.

And the Mission Concert to look forward to next Saturday! Motown! Yay!

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