Sunday, February 14, 2010

From the land of Motown...

- the gates open and ten thousand people sprint to find the best spot in the arena to enjoy the gig. Past me runs a young man, maybe 20 years old, about 6ft 4, and on his shoulder is a roll of carpet. No tarpaulin or picnic rug for him! A picture that made me laugh and still makes me smile!
- the guy behind us who complained to security about our sunshade (five hours before the concert starts but he's sure it'll block his view, even tho we reassure him that we'll take it down - as we do every year - in a couple of hours when the sun loses its heat) comes over and offers one of our party a can of beer. Guess he realised he'd been a dick.
- the clothes both gorgeous and wacky, the costumes and some that could have been dressups or might have been just ordinary bad dress sense...!
- the music that had us all dancing and singing as if we were 18 again!

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