Monday, February 22, 2010

Bike Day

On Friday the new bike track was officially opened by the Prime Minister (Freudian I guess, but every time I type that I have to correct it from Primate Minister).
(Picture shows John Key, PM in the blue helmet, riding with Paul McArdle who donated the three tracks (a .5km one, a skills track and a pump track), the bikes, helmets and professional cyclists to train the kids for 6 months.) Today, for the first time in mumblemany years, after being fitted for my very own helmet, I wheeled out a bike, and would you know, I rode it! First corner was sharper than I'd anticipated, but the wind felt so good and I could have kept riding for the rest of the day. Two circuits of the track is a kilometre, and then... well how to stop? No back pedal brakes.... ooooh slow down, slow down, hand brakes. And I did it! Fantastic! I can ride any time I like now!


  1. Oooh, that's pretty cool. And better than a gym membership :-)

  2. Yes it's very cool. Went out at lunchtime today as I had an appointment after work, and as the kids were having lunch under the trees I got a lot of applause and waves as I went past various groups on one side of the track. Just as well I didn't fall off!


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