Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ash Wednesday

A link here by the originator of Three Beautiful Things, Clare, on my post in which I mused about not allowing negativities a mention when pondering on the beautiful moments, has had a few comments. And I agree there's a difference between "in spite of the bad service, I enjoyed the meal..." which gives weight to the negativity, and something which is only beautiful because of the unpleasantness that went before. Clare has a wonderful list of such things, and they are indeed Beautiful Things.
I enjoyed that people commented.

Singing alto against sopranos, tenors and basses - love it!

The lady who approached me as I was loading groceries into my car and told me that she'd seen another vehicle hit mine. A bit more coating off the bumper, not worth doing anything about, but she'd taken the rego. Someone had actually got involved in something when she didn't have to. I hope she has a happy day!

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