Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Three Beautiful Things

I've been introduced by Strong-Light to the concept of blogging about three beautiful things each day. It seems such a good idea, and so simple... and yet not, of course. But for me to look and find three beautiful things each day is such a healthy, positive thing to do that I'm going to try it. Can't imagine I'll blog each day, but you never know.

Today I finished a jacket I've been working on. And it looks really good.
Simplicity's Project Runway, 2701.
Okay I wouldn't win prizes for photography, but this is it!

The sun is shining (and it's been raining most of January!)

I cleared a whole list of little annoying things that needed to be done. One was ringing to see if there was a reason why I'd heard nothing about my insulation - paid for on 6 Jan. Apparently they can't work when it's really hot in the roof space (and that would have been.... um.... when exactly?) so they're a "bit behind". But I'm on the list and not forgotten. And I dropped back library books and visited an old lady who wants me to type something for me... All of those things.
So yeah! Hey, I'm smiling! This is working for me!

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  1. Your jacket looks awesome! Now we just need photos of you wearing it :-)


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