Thursday, December 24, 2009

A blessed Christmas to you all

As we prepare to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, over 2000 years ago, I wish you all a very blessed time, and a happy and joyful gathering with people you care about.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Surrounding myself with experts

As I drove home in my newly warranted car this morning, I reflected on my gratitude to have around me trustworthy experts in almost every necessary field.

David Jones Motors keeps my 16 yr old Mitsubishi running well and they don't rip me off. They also explain technical matters simply for me.
Martin Geddes my dentist of the last couple of years is probably the best dentist I've ever had. Newly out from Scotland and speaking with a delightfully reassuring burr, he is proficient and efficient, careful and kind, and as I lay in his chair thingie this week while he refilled and reshaped a previously heavily filled tooth, I was mindful of how different going to the dentist is now from some of my experiences.
Peter Bannister has done stunning ophthalmic work on me, Greg Beacham continues to keep the main body engines working smoothly.
Ron Allen is a builder whose workmanship is beyond "trade" and almost into "art".

I've also had a good experience this year with a plumber, and am on the track of a good odd-job man.

All in all, I'm blessed by these people who are passionate about their work, and whose workmanship deserves loud and long applause.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Librarian - and proud of it!

I was offered a new job this week. Shoulder-tapped. It’s quite an uplifting experience. Sworn to secrecy, which isn’t, but I’m good at confidentiality.

It pays more than my current job, but not per hour, and the extra money goes absolutely nowhere to justify the hours for the type of job it is.

It’s a management position, and I told him I’d think about it, but the more he talked about what it involved, the more I knew I’d only be putting off the inevitable by not telling him then and there it wasn’t for me.

So I did, and told him I am a librarian to my very soul, which startled him not a little.

And it was his startlement that’s prompted this post.

It’s a reaction I get from time to time, and probably comes from being a professional working in a field in which all the others are experts in a different profession. Of being a librarian amongst teachers. My previous boss would, from time to time, ask me if I’d thought again about being a teacher – I had the ability, he’d say.

But ability isn’t the same as passion. I have the ability to do this job I was just offered too, but O Lord, why would I want to spend my days in that way!

And this gentleman had obviously thought I was just biding my time until I got a better offer, one from him I’d jump at.

On any survey, any form where there are list of occupational classes and you tick or click the one you fit in, there is never one for librarians, and often not even one that we fit. I usually write it down under “other – please specify” in the probably vain hope it may one day end up on a form!

So yes. I’m a librarian. Probably always was, long before I qualified. And it’s not about books on shelves, it’s about providing and facilitating access to entertainment and information, and the pleasure of browsing. For starters.