Thursday, November 26, 2009

Where books come to life....

Just have to share this stunning advertisement, using the opening pages of Maurice Gee's "Going West".

Colenso BBDO produced this for the NZ Book Council, and it would have to be the ad of the decade for me. Watch it here.
Oh and they did it pro bono.
Pretty cool, Colenso.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanks Mate! Kia ora! Fa'afetai!

Here in New Zealand, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Not that we're not thankful (well maybe we're not) that we were discovered and that shiploads of new settlers arrived. Mind you, as a descendant of those settlers I'm using the "we" in rather a fourth-generational turangawaewae* way, rather than a We-Were-Here-First one.

Any google of Thanksgiving Day will fill the ether with recipes and hints on how to do everything from stuffing a turkey to making turkey handprints (what are they?) to surviving the day with your in-laws and decorating your house in Thanksgiving style (pilgrim hats? turkey feathers?)

So, Abraham Lincoln instituted the day for the United States, and they seem to be obliged now to bake pumpkin pie and - according to many of the blogs - hang out with people they'd rather not, and this close to Christmas it must all seem like they get to do it all again in a month. A practice run perhaps? A chance to do what you like at Christmas because you've already done the duty thing? Sounds exhausting anyway.

I'm sure there are families who love Thanksgiving and do it brilliantly. Which probably doesn't mean "with perfection" but "with love and good humour".

I was going to post a list of things I'm thankful for. But you wouldn't thank me for that.

It's a long list.

So, thank you God for the blessings of family and this land.

*turangawaewae - a place to stand - where one belongs - where one's family comes from