Friday, October 30, 2009

Laws and Tamaki

What's in the water I wonder? I haven't had so much amusement from the news for ages as I have in the last 24 hours. On one hand we have Brian Tamaki, the self-anointed bishop of Destiny Church, appointing 700 men of his congregation as "spiritual sons" who paid $300 each to swear a Covenant Oath which was "binding, enduring and unbreakable" to defend Tamaki against criticism and in token of which they now wear covenant rings. All of which smacks of Hitler's hold over his henchmen in the early days or of cult leaders whose followers followed to their own graves. Destiny's not quite "ruling the country in four years" as Mr Tamaki prophesied in 2004, so I guess he's getting a bit desperate that God isn't listening to him and he's being forced to take things into his own hands.

And on the other hand we have Michael Laws suggesting that certain couples that form "the underclass" be sterilised to stop child abuse. He obviously doesn't realise that abuse happens in all sorts of households all over the country. Naturally he's not the poster boy at the moment for the civil rights people.
But it's all a bit of amusement for now, so long as neither of these fellows gains too big a following and too much traction.
At the moment, it proves we live in a fairly liberally minded country, that a mayor can say what Laws has, and that a chap who fancies himself as - well as God really, can have their time on the TV news and polarise people for a while.

If I thought either of them was likely to do more damage than they're doing, I'd be the first one protesting. But for now, crikey, there's little enough to laugh at in the news!

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