Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How can I keep from singing?

As previously posted, the G&T form filling exercise gave me the direction I needed, and last night I turned up at the Civic Choir rehearsal. Here they were, must have been the best part of 100 people, three weeks out from a performance of Dvorak's Mass, and I was given the music, introduced to the other altos and invited to join in. Now that's inclusiveness! Two and a half hours later (solid work this, no chit chat!) I knew I'd found a group I would be happy working with, and graciously declined their invitation to join their performance, but will certainly be back in January. I have only a little experience of choral singing, and enjoy the result and the challenge. So much easier than playing the piano! And although fairly unacquainted with Dvorak's music, being Catholic I found the words and format of his Mass completely familiar and effortless.
January. It's in my diary.
Handel's Messiah is on their programme for next year, I SO want to be part of that!


  1. Yes! Really really exciting :) Good on you for going along - it's always hardest the first time!

  2. Thank you for your support darlings! Can't help but notice the times on your comments tho, think maybe you should have been sound asleep at that time of night..... Mwwwwa!!


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