Monday, September 14, 2009

The Agony and the Ecstasy

In the last month, two of my daughters have had babies. In fact in the last couple of years, I’ve amassed a wonderful five grandchildren! These precious little beings are such a joy to everyone who meets them, if at times a worry to their parents.

I can relate cute stories of what each of them did or said or how they reacted, and I frequently do, stopping only when the eyes of my listener glaze over and I realise they’ve heard enough to know I adore my babies!

I’ve earned the right to bore people. Because the hardest, most worrying time of all, is having your daughter in labour. I think I hold my breath for the entire duration, from the moment I realise they’re having early symptoms until I know both she and the babe are safe. It’s scary stuff. This daughter, this precious babe of my own, is roller-coasting into a new life of her own, one with yet another new life alongside hers. There is so much that can go wrong. And yet, marvellously, so often, it all goes so very right - the difficult hurdles are cleared, the dangerous traps are avoided, and the less than perfect outcomes are repaired.

And Nana has another new little baby to love.

The two new grandbabies

Friday, September 4, 2009

Muslim woman barred from Hastings Court... Part 2

I knew there would be fallout, but in my naivety, I didn't expect it to be as it has been.
Letters and texts to the Editor in the HB Today have easily fallen four-to-one in favour of "Good on you Judge" and more stupidly "Go back to where you came from" to Ms Ali.
Stupidly, because Ms Ali is a New Zealand Maori who is a Muslim.
Not all Muslims are refugees!! And Muslim is a religion not a country!
So sad to be living among such ignorant, bigoted people who operate in George Bush's climate of fear.
Judge Rea said he misinterpreted the reason for the wearing of the hijab - he thought it was a protest. Heaven preserve us all.
I am told by a senior official of the Courts that the Judge had had a particularly hard day, and one can have some sympathy with that, but I think it's at times of stress that one's personal prejudices leak out. And unfortunately someone of his standing taking such action has given the locals a figurehead to attach their prejudices to, and given them courage to race into print applauding his "stand" which he now declares a mistake.
Not a good week for racial conciliation.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Judge bars Muslim woman from Hastings Court because she wears headscarf

I am appalled, gobsmacked and outraged.
In Hastings today - Hastings, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand - a judge barred a local Hastings woman from entering the courtroom because she was wearing her Hijab or headscarf.
As you can see, this is not a burqa or a yashmak, this is a hijab, not covering her face, which is the problem with hoodies which are banned in courts.
This happened today, in Hastings. I am totally appalled.
As an aside, for once the local paper, Hawkes Bay Today, had an appropriate front page. Far too often it's silly local stories that are trite - even embarrassingly so. Today, the editor recognised the importance of this story and gave it the prominence it deserves.
I await the fallout. Judge Rea made a major error of judgement.
Ms Yasmeen Ali, picture aboved, was, by the way, supporting a family member and was not on trial.